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Trump says "No" to TPP

Donald Trump accepted the GOP nomination on July 20 and chartered course for eventual confrontation with the GOP leadership over the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Mr. Trump said that he will never sign any trade deal that makes Americans subject to foreign corporations and rules. He specifically mentioned the TPP agreement.

GOP leaders McConnell and Ryan both want the TPP to become law. Now that Trump is on record, both leaders and party nominee will speak against the trade deal. Candidates will ride on the coat tail of Mr. Trump seeking election. 

What happens after November 8 will be a different story.  When it comes to the floor for a vote, pressure will be applied on party members to vote for it. Unless stopped now, they will pass it within the next 2 years and fight a President Trump when he refuses to sign it into law. There is too much money at stake to give up the fight.

If its a President Hillary, she will sign it into law.

Terry McIntosh was the first congressional candidate in the First District of Kentucky to openly oppose the TPP.  He was also "America First" five years before the Trump campaign coined the phrase. Terry McIntosh is the only candidate one can trust to stay the course and work with a President Trump to protect American sovereignty. See Domestic Issues for more details at . 

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