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To my Republican peers


I am the only true conservative in the congressional race, First District, KY. My GOP opponent is a liberal in sheep's wool who believes that the government should promote equality in politics and economics. While that makes for a good soundbite, it is fatal to democracy and the freedoms we now enjoy. Their "equality" reduces the American to third world status.

American conservatism is the belief that freedom trumps all other political considerations; the government should play a small role in people’s lives. American exceptionalism is the view that the United States is different from other countries. I believe that we are and must remain different.

Globalization is the trend toward the breakdown of state borders and the rise of international and global organizations and governments. The GOP platform supports globalization as stated in its "Better Way" document saying, "The United States must promote open markets and expand free trade. Not only does trade grow the American economy, but it spreads global freedom, thereby making the world safer for America."

Details are frightening. "Free" trade includes the breakdown of borders and prevents US control of immigration for one thing. Americans can already trade internationally without additional rules that usurp American authority.

My GOP opponent, Mr. Comer, proudly stands with Sen. Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Ryan on the issue of global trade. They both worked closely with President Obama on the TPP. Although it has now encountered some pushback, the goal is to pass it later.

Mr. Comer is clever to use soundbite adjectives that tricks the constituency into thinking that he is for us. In fact, he is for big business, foreign corporate control over American business - the farmer, the manufacturer, and the laborer.

Mr. Comer says he is for "free" trade and wants to make sure it is "fair" to American business. That's the catch 22. "Fair" means that the American is served equally under the rules of foreign corporations and subject to foreign courts. "Fair" means that everyone is on the same playing field. American business receives no preferential status than any foreign business entity and is subject to rules that usurp the US Constitution. That is "fair" trade according to Mr. Comer. If this was not true, he could easily join Sam Gaskins and I in signing a pledge to protect American business from foreign control, but he will not. He will not make a public pledge in any venue to protect American sovereignty against foreign rules, committees, and courts. He will sell us out with his vote if he is elected to Congress. He will help destroy the Kentucky farmer and others who will be subject to rules they did not agree to.

This is one reason I am running for Congress. I have zero faith in Mr. Comer. I am sorely disappointed in my party. It has shifted and we are at risk.

You have an option. You don't have to accept what they are serving up. People vote because they wish to make a difference, but the actual chances of making a difference are infinitesimally small by voting party line. It is compromised.

We can take back one office at a time if we take action. I hope you will help me fight back before its too late. Liberty lost may never be regained.

This post is authorized by Terry McIntosh.

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