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The Christian Solution

The Christian faith I know since complete submission to Christ in 1983 is not the watered down, lower than humble, turn the other cheek, and let evil triumph faith. The faith I know is strong, active, compassionate, protective, loving but firm, and it stands up to the evil principalities of the air. We are not called to sub-exist. We are called to impact the world with the gospel good news.

We can't make America great again until America makes God great again.

When I first considered announcing as a write-in candidate, a close and trusted advisor correctly said that people would tear me apart on the Christian faith issue and fear that, if elected, I would try to force faith down their throats through legislation.

Furthermore, that my personal failure to always hit the mark of excellence would be fair game for opponents. That is to be expected by those who do not share a like faith, and by those whose only goal is political dominance.

Real faith cannot be disassociated from politics. Our faith should impact legislation. Separation of Church and State was meant to prevent the government from creating a religion, not to keep religious people from serving in office. Far too many times, politicians of faith have remained silent out of fear of being ridiculed. We can see their pics on television and social forums showing them with a beautiful family and going to Church, but that is generally all we see about their faith. It's a good message, but I believe that faith should interpret politics by way of influence and not merely as a photo op.

Action speaks louder than words. While some people will put faith in one category and their business in another category, I cannot do that. I want the name of Christ in front of mine whether in business or politics.

Morality cannot be legislated. That's the job of the Church, not Congress. However, both parties do it when it suits their agenda. Democrats do it when they use the name of Jesus like many did when they were forcing Obama Care down our throats. It is their version of what is moral and right. I could refute that, but that needs to be done separately of this article.

True, there are specific issues of morality that cannot be ignored for the sake of our nation's future. People have the republic right to make personal choices until those choices harm others. That is where legislation is required to step in and protect others. The right to self determination ends at the doorstep of another home, and the right to life is one of those stops.

I do believe that we, as a Christian community, have failed regarding the teaching of morality to a large extent. People of faith cannot expect Congress to do it for them. Christians are the ones who are responsible. I will always assist in that endeavor and seek Godly solutions in every case.

I can promise to support Christian values at every turn, but cannot force my faith or morals upon other individuals. In turn, I will not allow them to force themselves, or their morals, upon me or those I represent. We live in a Republic where the individual conscience matters.

There are certain issues like abortion that matter to people of faith a great deal. I am one of those. I believe that for as long as our nation continues to slaughter the unborn that we are standing in harms way of judgment. As long as we deny God's command, "Do not murder, " and "not to turn away from your own flesh and blood," we are poking our finger in God's eye. In essence, we are saying, "God, we know better about this than you do."

I will fight for the right of the unborn to live because of two reasons. 1. It is in line with God's will because he created that life for a purpose. 2. Our nation is storing up God's wrath and the end result will eventually be terrible for our nation. I will support compassionate, continued education and helps for the mother as she struggles with the life or death issue of her child.

Foreign policy is another issue of primary concern when it comes to the Christian faith. As long as we continue to oppose God's plan based on politics, prejudice, money, and wrong theology, nothing else will matter much.

Though we restore our economy and flourish, though we rid ourselves of racism, though we maintain the strongest and most feared military in the world, all is in vain if we continue to walk in the opposite direction of God's great plan for the people of Israel and Palestine. This is one critical issue that we must get right or we will face eventual judgement.

I believe that every citizen has the right to express religious faith for as long as that expression does not hinder or trample on the rights of others who may disagree. I also believe that faith should matter in politics and that a strong Christian platform can turn the tide of progressive liberalism and bring back traditional values. Nothing will ever change if people of faith don't stand up and be counted. My faith in God and my high regard for the Constitution compels me to take action before it is too late. I do not suggest that I am the only man of faith in the race for Congress, nor do I claim religious superiority. It's just that I want to be clear and up front about what I believe without regard to political correctness.

On the very personal level, I have often failed my Lord Jesus Christ. I have not attained perfection, but am striving for it with His help. As scripture declares, "the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak." I make no claim to Christian superiority or excellence. I rely, depend, and trust upon the Lord Himself, not my successes or failures. There is no holier than thou approach here. I am saved only by the grace of God through Jesus Christ.

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