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Stop! Are you compromised?


by Terry McIntosh

Can you sign your name to these 7 position statements as a witness before God and man, and still vote the "Christian conservative" GOP party line in November? I can't do it. That's one reason I am running for Congress.

1. I support funding organizations like Planned Parenthood that promotes and assists in abortion related activities. Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider in the United States. 

2. I support the United Nations Population Fund that promotes freedom for youth to use drugs, legalized prostitution, and population control.

3. I support continued immigration and settlement of non-vetted foreign refugees into the USA.

4. I support global trade submitting American business to foreign courts and rules made by foreign corporations, thereby surrendering American sovereignty.

5. I support bank bailouts and big stimulus spending bills.

6. I support Obamacare.

7. I support continued subjugation of the Hebraic Palestinian people and theft of legally owned property by our democratic ally overseas.

A vote for EITHER party is a vote for all these positions. The GOP led Congress funded and/or supports every one of the points in line with the Democratic agenda. They support it, want it, fund it, so don't believe what election year campaigns say. Believe how they vote. It is a matter of record.

One cannot blindly vote for and separate themselves from the guilt attributed to the Republican party anymore than one can vote for the Democratic party. If you can affix your good name and reputation on this declaration as approved by you as a witness before God, you have betrayed conservative principles and are not a true conservative. You are compromised.

Do not settle for what is offered. Your good name, reputation, and moral values demand better than the lesser of 2 evils. A vote for lesser evil is still a vote for evil and cannot be excused away in the High Court of Justice.

A lesser evil vote rewards party bad behavior. You cannot achieve victory by rewarding politicians who betray your strong, upright, and honorable convictions. Politicians behave according to how you reward them. Settle for what they offer, and nothing will ever change.

Hold them accountable on election day. Not for what they promise tomorrow, but for how they voted yesterday. Don't lower the flag and grant power to their party nominees, whom they mentor, support, and own. Vote for patriots and real conservatives.

I am one such patriot who wants a chance to fight the downward slide our party is on. Write my name in on Nov. 8 for US Representative in Congress. Learn how to spell it. If you have had enough, you will want to know how to spell it when election day rolls around.

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