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A Simple Truth

Terry McIntosh is the only candidate who offers a sound explanation for the crisis we face today, and the only candidate who offers real solutions instead of party soundbites. Terry McIntosh is the "Real Deal."

Newly elected members are encouraged to support the party line for the 'benefit" of the party. If they do not, then the new member is in an awkward position when he or she seeks the support of others for his proposed legislation. Therein, lies a problem. It's either play ball or go home. Or, is there another option?

In order to get support for his or her proposals, the new member must vote party lines on other issues whether they actually agree with it or not. That is politics. No matter what a party candidate says, you can depend on the new member to co-operate. While cooperation is commendable at times, it is harmful at other times. Party politics have not worked out well. That is why Kentucky needs an individual thinker, one who will stay the course of right in spite of party demands, one who can say "No" when appropriate and still bring others together. This is the better option.

Terry has a record of bringing very different factions together ranging from interfaith activities to the international stage bringing political, religious, and radical elements together in search of peace. He will do the same thing in Congress without compromise. He can say "No" when he should without intimidation and go on from there to build bridges of trust and co-operation for the benefit of Kentucky and our Republic.

Today, everyone jumps on the Trump Train and claims to be the outsider. They embrace popular positions. That is politics. Nothing changes.

Terry McIntosh is the "Real Deal."

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