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How to Curb Domestic Terrorism


by Terry McIntosh

How to deter terrorists (not all inclusive): Under the due process of law in every case, close border, shut down all organizations with radical ties, stop un-vetted immigration, register known aliens, arrest and try in court of law those properly identified of collaboration with terrorist organizations, freeze funds related to organizations with terrorist connections, launch a national educational program to help citizens recognize and report suspicious behavior properly, and grant extended power to law enforcement when investigating potential terrorists.

For those concerned that such action would violate citizens rights, such conduct described is treasonous, and those engaged in terrorist propaganda, money laundering, or other actions of intent to kill Americans automatically forfeit their rights. Any person or organization who is guilty of such conduct is an enemy of the United States and should be treated as such. If someone is bad enough to be on the no-fly list, they should be in jail or deported.

The caution, of course, is to insure that innocent citizens or groups are not wrongly implicated. All must pass through the judicial system. Failure to convict or exonerate in a timely manner would result in dismissal of all charges and immediate restoration of all rights. 

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