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Exposing the House sit-in

"DON'T BE FOOLED!" - Exposing root evils behind the gun-control sit-in.

Both parties are manipulating the voter in a battle for control and power. The issue of gun control is just a tool in the war chest.

The Democratic sit-in demanding a vote on gun control was a clever political tactic. The citizenry is tricked once again into believing that the cause is noble. Democrats never truly expected a floor vote.

Case in point, the party members began soliciting campaign funds during the sit-in. It was staged to look good to their support base and raise money for their war-chest. Claiming that they need the money to do what they're already doing is ludicrous. They are already being paid to do what they're doing. The sit-in shores up political support for their candidates later this fall and makes the Republicans look bad. Smart move. It was all about party self serving benefit, not a genuine expectation of a vote.

The Republican party has successfully manipulated its base for the same reasons. That's only part of the G.O.P. deception, however. It gets much worse, even diabolical.

House leadership knows that by denying a vote on gun control that they are shoring up their political base back home with the voters. They are taking a strong stand against it, and expect to be duly respected (and paid) for it. Sound okay so far?

Dig deeper.

What's really going on is buried beneath the soundbites revolving around the issue itself. With all the rhetoric against gun control, the G.O.P. will not allow pro-gun amendments to be heard on the floor of the House.

What? It's true.

Rep. Thomas Massie recently had two of his proposed amendments against gun control rejected by the GOP dominated Rules Committee. The amendments would have defunded DC efforts to enforce gun-free zones and permit requirements for conceal and carry. Massie irked

Isn't this what the GOP campaigns on - pro guns? When they have a chance to do something about it, they don't. It's not failure. It's political strategy.

G.O.P. House Speaker Paul Ryan had promised to keep an open process for allowing amendments to come to the floor for a vote. The open process has allowed members of Congress to get their proposals voted on. That's why we elect representatives, so they can represent us and present our demands to the whole of Congress for consideration.

Well, the rules have changed back to the old way of doing things for the purpose of party control. Ryan and team now have a "structured" process whereby the Rules Committee can prevent amendments from making it to the floor. The Committee is made up of 9 Republicans and 4 Democrats.

I'm confident that Ryan rejected the pro gun amendment to protect Republicans from being on record before the Nov. 8 election. All things pro-gun no longer reflects all Republican thinking. Ryan is afraid of the vote because Republicans are willing to compromise on this issue. By keeping their votes off record, candidates can say anything they want to say to the voter in his or her district without being on record. It is a calculated move to manipulate the voter. Right now, the GOP's biggest concern is getting re-elected. They will say and do anything. We, the people, are being served an unhealthy dose of manipulation until after the elections. After that, expect compromise. The parties will work together on it.

Additionally, the fact that new rules are in place is alarming. It is another political reversal. Elected representatives of the people have once again set themselves up as Supreme Leaders to decide what can be voted on or not. This is dangerous territory.

Rep. Massie said, "Once someone grabs power, rarely do they let go of it."

It is a calculated move to free up G.O.P. candidates and manipulate the voter. Congressional party candidates are free to speak against gun control, but voter beware. If the issue was black and white with Republicans, one must ask, "Why deny a floor vote that is pro-gun rights?"

If we don't get involved, this is only going to get worse. The people's voice will go silent and we will be governed by power hungry leaders who think and decide for us. Will we be much different than, say, Iran or other third world countries?

As your congressman-elect after Nov. 8, I will work to reverse the new rules and insure that the peoples voice is heard without a supreme hearing that restricts that voice. I will challenge both Democratic and Republican leaders. I will work diligently to unite the body against elitist control. I will expose those who are selling out our Constitutional Rights.

I appreciate your intelligence and willingness to dig deeper into facts. The party line vote is killing America.

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