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Comer Responds to Sovereignty Challenge


In typical political form, and according to article in the Paducah-Sun  on Tuesday, August 9, GOP candidate Comer says that he "did not have time to read the petition" McIntosh put in front of him at Fancy Farm and "did not want to sign something he has not read."

Comer added that he supports free trade as long as it's fair. "And I want to make sure it is fair to the American workers," he said. That typical response satisfies the Comer crowd. It does not fool the patriot who values our freedom and liberties.

Careful word play usually works, but I am not going to let him get away with it. Mr. Comer said one thing and did another in political fashion. He walked away talking about his support of "free" trade. He correctly supposes that most voters don't know what's in the deal and "free" trade sounds good on the surface. There is nothing free about the TPP. When he says that he wants to make sure it is fair to American workers, one has to wonder by whose standard of fair he is referring to - American superiority or global mesh? He implies that he will sell out to foreign rules listed in the pledge if everyone is on the same playing field as equals. In other words, our nation's sovereignty is at risk with Mr. Comer in Congress.

There was plenty of time review the pledge, and even after he finished working the crowd, we stood within 100 feet of each other for a long time. He could have read and signed at any time, but he chose to ignore, ignore, and ignore. That is a strategy that often works. Ignore and people go away. Not this time. Nor next time.

And not in Congress as your next US Representative. I am a serious candidate on your behalf and they will have to take me serious.

Mr. Comer did not care about the details of the pledge. He was not going to commit to it regardless, and I suspect, without consulting with his mentor, Sen. McConnell and others. Comer is with Mitch and Paul Ryan on "free" trade that is not free at all.

While a general statement plays well among his support base, people are tired of such general statements. Mr. Comer may think that the people of Kentucky are too stupid, too old, or too poor to see through empty words without substance. The opposite is true. People want to know what their next congressman is going to do when faced with the issue. They understand the need to protect ourselves from foreign rules and loss of liberty.

Since GOP's Mr. Trump publicly denounced TPP, Mr. Comer, Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan and other Benedict Arnolds have to employ a new strategy. The response will be, "The TPP has to be re-negotiated." Be careful with that. It's crafty political spin just like Comer saying he "wants to make sure it is fair."

They can say anything - but where is the public pledge not to sign away the American right to chose which laws we live under?

What's so hard about this? Either he/they will guarantee the people of Kentucky and our nation that they will never surrender to any of the 8 point pledge, or they are likely to commit treason by pen at the first opportune moment.

Mr. Comer can steal my thunder on this and shut me up by affixing his signature to the pledge . He can stop with the word plays, and the promising sound-bites. He can demonstrate to voters and the people of Kentucky where he really stands on the subject of American sovereignty. It is outlined in the pledge and posted on my campaign website at Everyone has 5 minutes to read it. No excuse accepted.

It is Mr. Comer's to do or not do. No response is an answer.

Your vote on November 8 will be your response.

A Comer vote is for loss of sovereignty, big business takeover of American jobs,  unlimited immigration, and more of the same.

A vote for Terry McIntosh is your voice on behalf of continued American freedom and liberty. Once we  know that we will always be free Americans, then we can work on internal problems faster and better without the influence of foreign interests and big money corporations.

Check the box for "Write In"  and insert my name (learn to spell it correctly) for US House of Representatives. We can do this.

ref: McConnell "Out of body" experience

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