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Candidates Voting Records

CANDIDATE VOTING RECORD: Every candidate has a voting record. Even the citizen, first time candidate. Records include the “Greed Bill,” tax hikes, and more.

Republican nominee James Comer has a more extensive voting record because of his political career. Mr. Comer has been a politician for 16 years. He served 11 years as a Kentucky state legislator, 4 years as Commissioner of Agriculture, and ran a failed bid for governor in 2015. Terry McIntosh, Independent write-in candidate, and Sam Gaskins, the Democratic nominee, are first time office seekers, but they, too, have voting records.

Examine your candidate’s voting record and the “why” behind it. A professional politician has advantages and disadvantages. One can find pluses and minuses on every career politician. This review of the Comer record is not a personal assault on Mr. Comer, rather reflects his own public voting record, public statements, and logical conclusions derived from his actions.

On the negative side, during his tenure as state legislator, Mr. Comer voted for the “Greed Bill” that tripled his pension on the back of hard working Kentucky taxpayers. His annual legislative pension spiked from $13,100 a year to $34,369 and puts an estimated extra $460,000 in his pocket over the course of his lifetime. The Kentucky taxpayer did not enter into the contract with Mr. Comer. The Greed Bill passed without any public hearings. He entered into the pay raise contract with himself and other greedy legislators. The Kentucky tax-payer is funding Mr. Comer’s bank account because he took advantage of the taxpayer by voting himself the pay raise. Comers pension windfall

Mr. Comer stumbled over explaining his vote when first confronted about it, and then denounced it as a "bad vote." He has since gone on to explain why he voted for it, and says that it should be revoked, but has failed to follow through. During his failed gubernatorial campaign, Comer said that if elected governor, he would push a proposal to abolish legislative pensions and allow people who have already qualified to give them up, and would opt out himself. That pledge does not appear credible because of his failure to take legal action that would nullify his greedy vote.
Watch video at James Comer speechless

The Kentucky General Assembly voted on revoking the Greed Bill in 2010, and Mr. Comer did not vote in favor of repeal. He chose to remain “neutral,” thereby letting the bill fail, but kept his name off the record as against it. When he had a chance to vote against it, he chose to go silent. Why didn’t he vote against it? The evidence suggests that Mr. Comer intends to keep his unjustified pension in spite of what he says. See Kentucky Scorecard

Because it failed, there is no law on the books that has authority to revoke the Greed Bill. Comer now speaks boldly against the very policies he helped to enact, but he knows his words are empty. This campaign suspects that Mr. Comer was fully aware of all the facts before he voted for it, and knew that if confronted, he could promise to defund it, yet knowing that it would require a new law not likely to ever be approved by the legislature since they benefit from it, too.
Failure to revoke it in 2010 proves the point. It is here to stay. The Kentucky taxpayer is stuck with it.

Citizens for a Sound Government, which reportedly has ties to the billionaire Koch brothers, hit Comer hard on the issue, saying he voted to line his pockets despite a gaping pension shortfall. It also points out that Comer campaigned against federal farm subsidies during his gubernatorial race, but received more than $87,000 in subsidies from 1995 through 2012 for his family farm.

Mr. Comer could take personal, legal steps to defund his unrighteous pay raise by turning it over to the state. If Comer really wants to waive his legislative pension he would have to make a legal agreement in writing to do so, and his current wife would also have to agree to it too, because she also has rights regarding her husband’s pension.

It has been 11 years since he voted himself a pay raise. He has never taken corrective action to this campaign's knowledge. How many years does it take before he takes legal action to revoke it? Should he ever do so, this campaign will applaud the move, even though likely based on the need of political expediency. At least, the taxpayer would realize some relief regardless of the reason.

The people of Kentucky are expected to believe what Comer says, not what Comer actually does about his self-induced pay raise.

Otherwise, Mr. Comer pledged not to raise taxes as state legislature. He broke that pledge twice saying "I don't consider it a tax hike. It's time to step up to the plate."  See Tax hikes

On the campaign trail, Mr. Comer has refused to sign a pledge to protect American sovereignty against subjugation to foreign courts, committees, and rules as the result of global trade agreements. He supports global trade and uses words like “free” and “fair.” Both are misleading adjectives. There is nothing free about global trade when it is regulated by the government.

“Fair” levels the playing field and puts the American business under foreign rules and courts with just one vote out of 12.. “Fair” is dangerous when foreign courts can sue Americans in their courts and be awarded large sums of money. If the business can’t pay up, the US taxpayer will have to cover the costs. We will not be living under our own rules, rather those imposed upon us by corporations. Global trade includes mandates on American business including environment control, climate control, trademarks, patents, and more.

Once gaining control, new rules will be imposed. The big -business farmer will profit initially (Comer and family own a big-business farm), but eventually Kentucky farmers will not be able to move a shovel of dirt without a permit. Mr. Comer will be okay while the small farmer is pushed out of business by cheap, low standard imports from abroad.

Mr. Comer supports unlimited immigration of foreign workers. That will enable his family and friends to hire cheap labor to the harm and loss of American jobs.

Mr. Comer successfully brought Hemp back to Kentucky, which is a big plus for select Kentucky farmers, but aspects of it are challenged. Accusations exist that the program is not compliant with state law and will face future problems. Mr. Comer also stands accused of cronyism, having awarded Hemp contracts to friends instead of qualified farmers.

Kentuckians who were passed over to grow hemp have accused Comer of refusing applications for political reasons. David Barhorst, owner of Kentucky Hemp Ventures Inc., who said he was denied a memorandum of understanding to grow hemp, claims the hemp industry in Kentucky is actually under the control of behind-the-scenes individuals. “Kentucky is in violation of national law and its own state law,” he said. “In essence, the entire hemp industry is illegal in Kentucky.”
See Kentucky Weed

On the plus side of the Comer record while serving as Commissioner of Agriculture, the department started a program to promote veterans who farm, called Homegrown by Heroes, which has since spread across the nation; expanded the Kentucky Proud branding program for agricultural goods and created a new brand for products from Eastern Kentucky.

First time write-in candidate Terry McIntosh voted the Republican party line for the last 20 years. He believed that the GOP best represented his views until he discovered that the GOP was voting for and supporting issues they campaign against. On the campaign trail, he has signed a public pledge to protect American sovereignty against subjugation to foreign courts, committees, and rules as the result of global trade agreements. He also pledges to serve free in the US Congress until the national debt is brought under control.

We cannot confirm the private voting record of the Democratic nominee, first timer Samuel Gaskins. We will assume that he has voted the Democratic party line until informed otherwise. He has signed a pledge to protect American sovereignty against subjugation to foreign courts, committees, and rules as the result of global trade agreements.

Candidate Political Alliances
Terry McIntosh – None. Aligned with "We the people..."
James Comer – GOP, (Globalist) Mitch McConnell, (Globalist) Paul Ryan
Sam Gaskins – Democratic party, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi

Your vote is a matter of trust. Who do you trust to do the right thing at all times? Who do you trust to work for you without prejudice? Who do you trust to seek the nation’s welfare above personal ambition and gain? Your vote helps determine our future.

This post is paid for and authorized by Terry McIntosh, write-in candidate for US Representative in Congress.

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