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Candidate pledges "No Salary"

I, Terry McIntosh, pledge to contribute my first year's net salary (after taxes) as US
Representative to help retire my family share of the national debt, or contribute same amount to a non-profit organization not related to me.

I will renew the pledge for the second year if the national debt is not brought under
control and on the way to recovery (congressional pay is approaching $200,000 annually).

I make this pledge because I believe it's immoral for legislators to personally prosper at the people's expense while the nation is being driven into bankruptcy. If they cannot do the job you hired them for, they do not deserve a salary. Neither would I. 

I want you to know that I am the real deal, a real patriot, and I will not ride on your back while you struggle to make ends meet. My campaign has a noble purpose. It's about saving our nation, not about my personal benefit.

Money comes and goes. Liberty lost cannot be easily regained.


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