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The TPP and American Sovereignty

Sen. Mitch McConnell says, "“But the good news is, the TPP doesn’t just go away…. If it’s not dealt with this year, it’s still there to be dealt with next year,” he added, hinting that the United States would not walk away from the deal — but was also in no rush to sign it and give President Obama “bragging rights.”

Updated 8/17/2016


Global "free and fair" trade is a slight of hand that subverts American sovereignty. Proponents use key words that easily deceive the casual listener. It is hailed as a great thing as long as Americans are treated "fairly." Fairly by whose standard? Certainly not the American Constitution. My campaign survey tell us that nearly 80% of voters still do not know what the TPP is and what's in it.

Proponents now say that the TPP must be re-negotiated, and one of my two opponents in the congressional race, James Comer, says that he supports "free" trade, but wants to make sure it is "fair" to Americans. Mr. Comer has refused to sign a pledge to protect American sovereignty. A vote for him on Nov. 8 is a vote for re-negotiated foreign rules that are "fair" to Americans.

"Fair" still places American business under authority of foreign committees, rules, courts, and more that usurps our US Constitution. That is "fair" trade according to Comer, Sen. McConnell, and House Speaker Ryan.

A warning to Democrats - Hillary Clinton praised the international trade deal to high heaven, but repented to gain favor with the Bernie Sanders crowd. If elected, she will revert back to support it. Her donors will benefit from it, and they own her.

A warning to Republicans - James Comer is on record. He will not pledge to protect American sovereignty. Is there need to say more? Any business who will lower the flag and submit to foreign dictates is not a true patriot. They are self serving Benedict Arnolds. They stand to get richer at the expense of fellow Americans. May God shame them.

Your vote on November 8 is for or against treason by pen.

Obama and Republicans Agree on the Trans-Pacific Partnership

I was "America First" 5 years before the Trump campaign coined the phrase. I appreciate that he coined it for his campaign. He is against the international "trade" deal Trans-Pacific Partnership. The GOP party leaders want it badly, but are now saying, "not as it is." They want it and their own words prove it. They just want you to vote for them in November.

Who are the Benedict Arnolds? Sen. Mitch McConnell said to CNBC’s John Harwood, regarding President Obama and TPP, "“It’s actually almost been an out-of-body experience but I’ve been communicating with him a lot the last few days because we’re on the same side on trade.”

"“What I’ve said to my members, if we want the next Republican president, who we will hope will be sworn in less than two years from now, to have a chance to do trade agreements with the rest of the world, this bill is about that president as well as this one,” McConnell said. McConnell having out of body experience with Obama

“The president has done an excellent job on this,” McConnell said in an interview with ABC’s “This Week.” Mitch McConnell Says Obama ‘Has Done An Excellent Job’ Pushing Trade Deal

“At the risk of having some of you literally faint, I want to compliment the president for the way he’s handling the trade issue,” he said at a Tuesday afternoon press conference." I thought what he did last year in speaking the truth to his base was welcome and shows that he is intent on working with us to get both the Trade Promotion Authority in place and to subsequently approve, hopefully, [the] Trans-Pacific Partnership deal,” he added. McConnell praises Obama

McConnell pulled back when resistance arose, saying he has a few concerns. He is playing a waiting game. He wants this deal and also wants a Republican President to get credit for it.
House GOP speaker Paul Ryan is saying that there aren't enough votes in the House to ratify the TPP, while suggesting that the USTR has to go back and renegotiate the deal in an interview he gave on Fox News. He failed to mention that it was his plan to FastTrack it to Obama without congressional input.

House Speaker Paul Ryan Demands TPP Be Renegotiated; Neglects To Mention It Was His Bill That Makes That Impossible

White House Deputy Press Secretary Eric Schultz singled out Ryan for working with the administration to grant the Obama administration trans-Pacific trade authority, and his efforts to work with them on immigration. He also said the Wisconsin Congressman had worked with the administration on issues they care about in the past. White House Praises Paul Ryan For Working With Obama On Trade And Immigration

If you vote party line GOP, you are standing with the Benedicts. If you vote for their congressional candidates, you are voting with Benedict.

You have an option, and I am that - a real conservative patriot who will not sell out. At my age, I have no interest in a new career, nor wealth. I will serve without pay until we get the national debt under control and on way to recovery. I will resist all legislation, trade deals, and/or treaties that subvert American sovereignty.


SOUND THE ALARM! Update posted 7/01/2016:

Hillary Clinton initially hailed the TPP as the "golden standard" for world economy and equality. She now says that she opposes it. If you trust Hillary to stay the course, ok, but I don't. Her party is pushing back against it, and she is catering to votes. G.O.P Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell originally hailed it as same, but now says it's not the right time to vote on it. He says the deal could still be modified and put to a vote in 2017 or beyond. Sen. McConnell wants this passed and seeks the best opportune moment to get it through the House.

“The biggest problem right now is the political environment to pass a trade bill is worse than any time I've been in the Senate because we're right in the middle of this presidential election year, [and] the candidates are all against what the pr

esident has negotiated,” the Kentucky Republican said in an interview with Agri-Pulse’s Open Mic.
If you trust President Obama to commit America to foreign trade deals in secret, and the Republican party to resist it, you can by pass the rest of this article. I don't trust either one.

I oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement because it harms our economy and destroys American sovereignty. We haven't heard much about this from our party leaders or candidates either because they may not want us to know much about it until it's too late.

When I heard the 1st District congressional party candidates address the question during the primaries, they both were non-committal. Now that there is some pushback, I suspect they will both come out against it, especially since Mr. Trump is against it. That's a good thing if they do, but the motive is questioned. At end of day, they will vote with the party demand, and the G.O.P. wants this bill passed. They will fight a President Trump all the way. Clearly, the party does not want a President Trump for more than this reason, but this is one big reason. If we end up with a President Clinton, she will revert back to her original position and support it.

I was the first candidate in the 1st District to warn against it without regard to political favor or reward. I want you to be informed so that you can make the right decision in November. The TPP will  push down American wages, raise the price of medicines, and so much more harm to Americans.

According to The Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund (FTCLDF), American manufacturers and farmers would suffer, while Wall Street banks would reap huge profits and companies would move more operations offshore.

When the party is ready to sneak this by the citizenry, they will hail it as a giant step for humanity by promoting economic growth and retention of jobs. It will be the biggest deal on the planet and is going to hurt Americans so we have to decide - are we Americans first or just cogs in the wheel of a world community? 

I oppose any agreement that subjects Americans to corporate and foreign rules even if there is a monetary gain. Freedom is about much more than money. Money did not buy freedom. Blood paid the price, and its worth much more than rubies.

The TPP is expected to be ratified by Congress within the next two years. Party owned candidates and members of Congress will be permitted to speak against the TPP to get your vote until the party is ready to ratify it, and ratify it they shall UNLESS we stop them. They may evade it by saying things like, "I need to know more about it before I can comment." Who needs to know more when American sovereignty is on the line? Now, however, that there is some pushback against it, all the rhetoric will likely be against the TPP. It boils down to a matter of trust. Who can you believe?

I believe that Kentuckians are patriots when it comes to not selling out our freedom. Yes, we all want to prosper, but at what cost? Kentucky can choose to stand up for our national sovereignty and our Kentucky jobs by electing yours truly.

The House and Senate passed a bill to hand over their own constitutional authority to debate and modify trade law. The process is called Fast Track, or Trade Promotion Authority. It creates special rules that empower the White House to negotiate and sign trade agreements without Congressional oversight. The G.O.P. surrendered to the Obama plan.

The Congress may not have power to change the text. It will not bode well for the American worker. It will be sold to the public at large and hailed as a great achievement. It is already being hailed as the "gold standard” of global trade. I will fight this agreement every day. I will expose the harm it will do to our nation and work to build a majority opposition to it. I will do that by keeping it in front of Congress and the public for the next two years before it is put on the floor for ratification. If you will stand with me, we will rally public opinion against it and force Congress to do the right thing. Our sovereignty is worth the fight.

TPP is a permanent power grab by corporations that will make it impossible for American citizens to decide what laws and rules they want to live under. It goes beyond the NAFTA agreement and includes the increased exchange of intellectual property and services of all kinds. We cannot be short-sided for a benefit today, yet surrender our future to rules made by foreigners and Congressional sellouts. It will happen if we vote the wrong way.

You can take this to the bank - both Democratic and Republican party lines will vote to ratify the agreement UNLESS we stop them. A party line vote is a vote for loss of American jobs and sovereignty. The caution here is not to vote party line.

How can I make such a bold statement? Facts tell the tale and common sense expectation follows for those who value common sense. Fact is that some lawmakers opposed fast-tracking TPP to Obama and passage was only possible after lots of corporate money exchanged hands with senators. The holdouts reversed their position overnight and voted for it. Almost 100% of the Republicans in the US Senate voted for fast-track.

Mansur Gidfar, spokesman for the anti-corruption group Represent.Us asked “How can we expect politicians who routinely receive campaign money, lucrative job offers, and lavish gifts from special interests to make impartial decisions that directly affect those same special interests? As long as this kind of transparently corrupt behavior remains legal, we won’t have a government that truly represents the peoples." For more details see How much corporations paid US Senators to fast-track the TPP bill.

The Republican led Congress gave President Obama power to negotiate the trade deal behind closed doors. Who can tell the difference between parties anymore? If Congress ratifies the TPP, and it will if we remain silent, this represents another betrayal that will further dismantle our nation. Deals will increase the flow of dangerous fish imports from Southeast Asia, lower our consumer product and food safety standards, increase exports of natural gas to Japan, harm our farmers, manufacturers, and undermine financial regulations.

The agreement was made in secret without public discussion and the secrecy warns us to beware. The TPP is not in the best interest of American citizens. Any  agreement that sets rules for American business is dangerous. Any free-trade agreement regulated by the government is not really free trade.

I support free trade and business up to a point. If the business owners success is at the expense of hardworking citizens and American sovereignty, I will suggest that the business owner is not a true patriot, rather one who seeks personal wealth above the country's well being.

I hope that our next President  will "trump" the TPP unless he is legally restrained, but maybe not. Congress has a way to not do what is right when they don't want to. I will work with the next President to protect American jobs, wages, and sovereignty, or I will oppose the next President if he or she goes the wrong way.

I will vote NO to the TPP and any other bill that threatens American sovereignty.


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