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First and Second Amendment

The First Amendment of the United States Constitution protects the right to religious freedom and freedom of speech from government interference. Free speech is the bedrock of all liberties and the best defense against bad government.

I support religious freedom in the market place, the school, the military. I support the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

I will not support any law that violates individual conscience, or forces one expression of faith to embrace other faiths, lifestyles, or agendas. The federal government cannot be allowed to control matters of individual faith for the sake of political correctness.

Every man and woman should be able to worship in any manner they believe in for as long as that faith does not infringe upon the conscience of others or pose potential harm to others. We must not, however, allow political and radical operatives disguised as religious faith to operate.

I will recognize any practice or form of religious faith that attempts to usurp the US Constitution as an enemy of the United States and treat it as such. They are subject to both criminal and civil law.

Any organization, howbeit political or religious, that espouses a government, law, or any manifesto other than that of the Constitution of the United States and which sets itself against same, to destroy it, or usurp it, should be declared a natural enemy of the United States of America to include our own President, members of Congress, the Senate, and judicial system should they, or theirs, commit or endorse treasonous behavior by word or deed.

The Second Amendment includes the right of the people to keep and bear arms. This right shall not be infringed upon. 

I support taking weapons away from criminals and terrorists, not law abiding citizens.

The citizen must always be armed by choice and I will support a national educational program to teach citizens how to use firearms safely and when they should use them in self defense situations.

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