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Kentuckians are taking on jobs that do not provide them with the security they need.  Wages are stagnated and workers are no better off than they were almost ten years ago. The Kentucky poverty rate is now at almost 20%. We must examine new ways of correcting this problem. The party line has not fixed anything. What makes anyone think they ever will? I will work to bring new jobs to Kentucky with lower taxes and other incentives. 

I support consumer choice which means that I support the coal industry, the Kentucky farmer, and efficient energy programs. No worker should be forced out of work to favor another industry for as long as public consumption and demand remains intact. I will protect domestic uranium enrichment capabilities at the Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant, and vote for the health and welfare of its active and retired employees. I oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement because it harms our farmers and other industries.

Any candidate worth his salt will always support what is in the best interest of Kentucky and individual consumer choice. I will summon the best minds in Kentucky business - those who are confronting issues affecting industry and the small business owner - and consider ways to help fix our financial problems and bring prosperity back to Kentucky. I will consult with and support organizations actively engaged in bringing jobs and prosperity to Kentucky.

Paying down the national debt is of vital importance. The individual family share of debt obligation made by the government has reached the $160,000 threshold. What would happen if we default and somebody wants payment? Congress has made us slaves to those who hold title to our debt.

We can and will balance the budget. The only reason we have not done so is because the party lines are corrupt. I will support and/or sponsor legislation that reduces the national debt, relieves the business owner of undue hardship, reduces taxes, frees up working capital, and creates jobs.

I will demand a balanced budget. I will expose greed. I support a continued freeze on all government pay raises, especially Congress, until we balance the budget. I will work to create a lean government that operates in a constitutional environment, and seek out new avenues of income. 

I support the Federal Reserve Transparency Act and expect full accountability. I will work to that end.


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