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I believe that life begins at conception and will seek to protect the rights of the unborn. I will vote "No" to taxpayer funding for abortion. I will vote to defund any organization that provides abortion services.

I will support compassionate care for mothers facing life and death situations. I will support adoption as an alternative solution through a process of continued education.

The Democratic platform supports what they call "pro-choice." The Republican platform supports pro-life with every word and sentence, but supports abortion by way of deed by enabling organizations who do perform abortions. It skates responsibility with a lot of word play. This is guilt by default in my world. If you fund it, you own it.  

Planned Parenthood is an example. It is the largest provider of abortions in the United States. The GOP led Congress funded it, but craftily worded it with "no new funding." That means that the current level of support was renewed by Congress. It gets around the GOP pro-life policy and all the anti-abortion rhetoric. I support defunding any organization that is involved with abortions.

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