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Domestic Issues


- Supports Kentucky jobs

- 100% pro-life, pro-family, pro-business

- Supports and defends the 1st and 2nd Amendments

- Will vote to stop illegal immigration

- Supports repealing, not amending, Obamacare

- Supports lower taxes

- Will protect American sovereignty and stop the TPP agreement

- Pro-States' rights and limited Federal Government

- Supports term limits and no pension for Congress. The office should attract patriots, not self-serving career politicians.


We must close the border, stop illegal immigration, and welcome those who go through the legal process with stringent confirmation of identities. We must secure our borders to protect the American way of life so many have died for, and to prevent those who hate us from killing us. I support building a wall for that purpose for as long as it is built on USA property and does not impugn the rights of US citizens.

Military and Veteran Affairs

We must maintain the strongest, ablest, fastest, and most powerful armed force on earth. Foreign nations should tremble at our military might and our willingness to use it in defense of American values and life.

I am a veteran and partial to veterans being treated right and getting the health care they need in a timely manner. Incompetent managers should be replaced and vacancies filled with competent people. The veteran deserves more than an annual salute. He and she deserves the best care our nation can give to anyone.

I support regular wage increases for all active duty personnel regardless of duty assignment, and an even higher increase in combat pay for those who are risking life and limb to keep us safe.

First and Second Amendment

The First Amendment of the United States Constitution protects the right to religious freedom and freedom of speech from government interference. Free speech is the bedrock of all liberties and the best defense against bad government.

I support religious freedom in the market place, the school, the military. I support the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

I will not support any law that violates individual conscience, or forces one expression of faith to embrace other faiths, lifestyles, or agendas. The federal government cannot be allowed to control matters of individual faith for the sake of political correctness.

Every man and woman should be able to worship in any manner they believe in for as long as that faith does not infringe upon the conscience of others or pose potential harm to others. We must not, however, allow political and radical operatives disguised as religious faith to operate.

I will recognize any practice or form of religious faith that attempts to usurp the US Constitution as an enemy of the United States and treat it as such. They are subject to both criminal and civil law.

Any organization, howbeit political or religious, that espouses a government, law, or any manifesto other than that of the Constitution of the United States and which sets itself against same, to destroy it, or usurp it, should be declared a natural enemy of the United States of America to include our own President, members of Congress, the Senate, and judicial system should they, or theirs, commit or endorse treasonous behavior by word or deed.

The Second Amendment includes the right of the people to keep and bear arms. This right shall not be infringed upon. 

I support taking weapons away from criminals and terrorists, not law abiding citizens.

The citizen must always be armed by choice and I will support a national educational program to teach citizens how to use firearms safely and when they should use them in self defense situations.


Kentuckians are taking on jobs that do not provide them with the security they need.  Wages are stagnated and workers are no better off than they were almost ten years ago. The Kentucky poverty rate is now at almost 20%. We must examine new ways of correcting this problem. The party line has not fixed anything. What makes anyone think they ever will? I will work to bring new jobs to Kentucky with lower taxes and other incentives. 

I support consumer choice which means that I support the coal industry, the Kentucky farmer, and efficient energy programs. No worker should be forced out of work to favor another industry for as long as public consumption and demand remains intact. I will protect domestic uranium enrichment capabilities at the Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant, and vote for the health and welfare of its active and retired employees. I oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement because it harms our farmers and other industries.

Any candidate worth his salt will always support what is in the best interest of Kentucky and individual consumer choice. I will summon the best minds in Kentucky business - those who are confronting issues affecting industry and the small business owner - and consider ways to help fix our financial problems and bring prosperity back to Kentucky. I will consult with and support organizations actively engaged in bringing jobs and prosperity to Kentucky.

Paying down the national debt is of vital importance. The individual family share of debt obligation made by the government has reached the $160,000 threshold. What would happen if we default and somebody wants payment? Congress has made us slaves to those who hold title to our debt.

We can and will balance the budget. The only reason we have not done so is because the party lines are corrupt. I will support and/or sponsor legislation that reduces the national debt, relieves the business owner of undue hardship, reduces taxes, frees up working capital, and creates jobs.

I will demand a balanced budget. I will expose greed. I support a continued freeze on all government pay raises, especially Congress, until we balance the budget. I will work to create a lean government that operates in a constitutional environment, and seek out new avenues of income. 

I support the Federal Reserve Transparency Act and expect full accountability. I will work to that end.


The TPP and American Sovereignty


Global "free and fair" trade is a slight of hand that subverts American sovereignty. Proponents use key words that easily deceive the casual listener. It is hailed as a great thing as long as Americans are treated "fairly." Fairly by whose standard? Certainly not the American Constitution. My campaign survey tell us that nearly 80% of voters still do not know what the TPP is and what's in it....

(Read More)


I believe that life begins at conception and will seek to protect the rights of the unborn. I will vote "No" to taxpayer funding for abortion. I will vote to defund any organization that provides abortion services.

I will support compassionate care for mothers facing life and death situations. I will support adoption as an alternative solution through a process of continued education.

The Democratic platform supports what they call "pro-choice." The Republican platform supports pro-life with every word and sentence, but supports abortion by way of deed by enabling organizations who do perform abortions. It skates responsibility with a lot of word play. This is guilt by default in my world. If you fund it, you own it.  

Planned Parenthood is an example. It is the largest provider of abortions in the United States. The GOP led Congress funded it, but craftily worded it with "no new funding." That means that the current level of support was renewed by Congress. It gets around the GOP pro-life policy and all the anti-abortion rhetoric. I support defunding any organization that is involved with abortions.


I support education from a local level with parental input. I support charter schools and reject federal control over the education of our children. As your congressman, I will work to make education available at the lowest possible cost.

Health Care

I will vote to repeal Obamacare and will support legislation that allows health care to be affordable for the average income earner.

WARNING! The Republican led Congress funded Obama Care as part of the $1 trillion dollar spending bill. They speak against, campaign against it, but fund it. They do not intend to ever defund it. Party nominees are on record in favor of Obama Care with exceptions, saying that it needs to be amended, but because Kentucky opinion opposes it altogether, the rhetoric became "I will repeal Obama Care." It will pay the voter well to dig out the facts.

There are several other options to consider, and I like inter-state competition the best. Competition drives down the cost without government regulation. The end result must provide excellent care with low deductibles and promote access to health care for the poorest among us. 

I will protect Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. Regardless of party affiliations, we cannot as a nation turn our backs on our senior citizens who dutifully invested hard earned money with expectation of return. I support alternate options for those who want to opt out of the system.

Taxes and Higher Wages

I support lower taxes all around and will sponsor or vote with legislation that eases the burden of taxation on business and consumers.

I support the right to enter into contract with unions and employees to protect their rights in line with fair treatment of employee and employer.

I will oppose any bill that mandates immediate wage increase because it will drive up the cost of goods and be the cataylist for loss of jobs. If the business person cannot make a profit, he or she will be forced to close the doors.

I support equal pay for qualified men and women without discrimination regarding race, gender, or political and religious affiliation. I do not support equal pay for those of lesser ability to perform the job description. Paychecks should be negotiated between employer and employee. Neither is obligated to serve the other.

How to Curb Domestic Terrorism

by Terry McIntosh

How to deter terrorists (not all inclusive): Under the due process of law in every case, close border, shut down all organizations with radical ties, stop un-vetted immigration, register known aliens, arrest and try in court of law those properly identified of collaboration with terrorist organizations, freeze funds related to organizations with terrorist connections, launch a national educational program to help citizens recognize and report suspicious behavior properly, and grant extended power to law enforcement when investigating potential terrorists.

For those concerned that such action would violate citizens rights, such conduct described is treasonous, and those engaged in terrorist propaganda, money laundering, or other actions of intent to kill Americans automatically forfeit their rights. Any person or organization who is guilty of such conduct is an enemy of the United States and should be treated as such. If someone is bad enough to be on the no-fly list, they should be in jail or deported.

The caution, of course, is to insure that innocent citizens or groups are not wrongly implicated. All must pass through the judicial system. Failure to convict or exonerate in a timely manner would result in dismissal of all charges and immediate restoration of all rights. 

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