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For the sake of full disclosure and to preempt false reports about Terry's MLM business, this disclosure is presented. Dishonest politicians and party line puppets could try to frame Terry's last venture as a pyramid scheme. Here's the story.
The BBB is a private company who makes its own rules and imposes them on other business owners. It is not a Federal or State run entity. It is private business that apparently set itself up to be lord over honest, hard working business people. Terry wants to change that.
Terry foreknew the 2011 hike in gasoline prices one year before it happened, and he seized the moment to launch a business that sold multiple products and services. The business model was multi-level marketing and legally registered with the state of Kentucky. Terry promoted the business two ways - the purchase of products for personal or business use, and as a business opportunity with associates enabled to re-sell his products on a commission earned basis. He highlighted the need for extra cash to cover the cost of rising gasoline prices to attract potential business associates.
He created almost 7,000 job opportunities across the nation with his unique business. During the course of doing business, one of his independent associates in South Carolina was falsely accused of working a pyramid scheme due to his advertisement. Terry still doesn't understand that, but a local television station contacted the Better Business Bureau and interviewed them about Terry's business. The BBB rep said that it appeared to be a "scam," (without doing a proper investigation) and advised people not to have anything to do with the company.
Terry didn't look the other way. He demanded equal time in defense of his company. It was granted. During the televised interview, Terry clarified products sold and particularly pointed out that his 9-1-1 RX prescription card service was saving consumers millions of dollars at the pharmacy. His customers and business associates had access to the service to use and/or resell.
Terry stood up to the powerful BBB and went on to expose the Better Business Bureau as the real scammers. He made no claims of his own, but pointed viewers to an ABC television report confirming that the BBB was under investigation for "selling A plus ratings and giving F ratings to others who did not subscribe to the BBB." See full report and video Pay up or get an F 
The BBB affiliate in Kentucky responded by giving Terry's company an F rating followed with a "precautionary warning" to consumers and identified it as a pyramid company. The BBB was careful not to claim it was an illegal operation, and it appeared to Terry that the intent was to harm the business with the false rating. It did serve to harm the business when potential new customers referred to the BBB website for a reference. The BBB does not allow business owners an opportunity to defend their business against false allegations in a public forum.
The BBB was swamped with more than 150 posted emails of favorable recommendation on behalf of the business. Since then, the BBB has deleted the positive comments and the site says there are no favorable comments. No complaint was ever filed against the company by anyone. The BBB was the sole complainant. 
Attorneys advised Terry that he may be the first person to ever win a law-suit against the BBB, but that it was unlikely because the courts always give consideration to the BBB first as a consumer protection agency. (That needs to change). He decided not to throw money away chasing justice. He rates the BBB with an F rating for honesty.
When gasoline prices began to fall, Terry moved away from that advertising strategy and focused attention on his RX card program. Nearing retirement, he opted not to accept new affiliates and closed the door to new associates. The RX card is still active and saving consumers thousands of dollars per month. Active affiliates continue to earn commissions.

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